Undergraduate Program

Discover Canada from a range of perspectives

Citizens and scholars around the world look to Canada as a country that has assembled diverse peoples, governments, histories and regions, and one that has resolutely tried to address the problems that arise with bringing these together under one flag: How did Canada come to play this important symbolic role? Are there divergences between the imaginary and the real Canada? What does Canada have to teach the world today?

These are the types of questions you will explore in our interdisciplinary Canadian Studies program. Combining history, politics, art, literature, religion, geography, Indigenous studies and more, our program provides a space for students to acquire a comprehensive understanding of how Canada has been shaped and how it is being re-shaped in our ever-changing, multicultural, multinational world.

You’ll gain a comprehensive knowledge and understanding of Canada as you address complex issues such as multiculturalism, the immigrant experience, the tensions and compromises between the French and English populations, the history of the First Nations, the history of labour, the politics of social policy, the literary imagination, women and the family, art and identity, landscape and the environment, how globalization is changing Canada and Canada's role in the world.

You’ll also examine the varied ways in which people experience Canada and the diverse—and often conflicting—ideas about what it means to be “Canadian”.

Focus on three key areas

Canada: Time and Place – explores interdisciplinary and international issues such as Canadian Aboriginal history and the immigrant experience.

Canada: Society – examines various aspects of Canadian society through courses in history, Indigenous Thought, political science, sociology and social science.

Canada: Culture - concentrates on the areas of English, Indigeneity, creative arts, cultural expression and the humanities.

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