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Courses in the Canadian Studies program focus on three key areas:

Canada: Time and Place - explores interdisciplinary and international issues such as Canadian Aboriginal history and the immigrant experience.

Canada: Society - examines various aspects of Canadian society through courses in history, Indigenous Thought, political science, sociology and social science.

Canada: Culture - concentrates on the areas of English, Indigeneity, creative arts, cultural expression and the humanities.

Sample courses include:

  • Childhood in Canadian Culture
  • The Religions of Canadians
  • Indigenous Knowledge and the Environment
  • Cultures and Colonialism: Canada, 1600-1900
  • Human Rights and Civil Liberties in Canada
  • Canadian Democracy in a North American Context
  • Canadian Writers Take on the World

To search for additional courses, visit the LA&PS courses web page and select "Canadian Studies" from the drop-down menu.